Evening Meditations for the Fourteenth Friday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Behold Jesus, then, presented by the Scribes and priests to Pilate as a malefactor, that he might judge Him and condemn Him to the death of the Cross; and see how they follow Him, in order to see Him condemned and crucified. Oh, marvellous thing, cries St. Augustine, to see the Judge judged! To see Justice condemned! To see life dying! And by what were these marvels accomplished except by the love which Jesus Christ bore to men? Christ hath loved us and delivered himself for us.

Christians wary as Indian state outlaws conversion – UCA News

Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore says he will disclose stance on Karnataka’s latest anti-conversion law in court Christians wary as

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Anatomist of the Catholic collapse in France and beyond – Catholic World Report

Few scholars have studied the extent, causes, and effects of the mid-to-late-twentieth-century collapse of Western Catholicism more carefully than French

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As pope Kazakhstan visit ends, conservative critic speaks out | Reuters

By Philip Pullella As pope Kazakhstan visit ends, conservative critic speaks out | Reuters NUR-SULTAN, Sept 15 (Reuters) – Pope

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Gender ideology as heresy – Catholic World Report

John S. Grabowski, in his book Unraveling Gender: The Battle Over Sexual Difference, shows how gender ideology “attacks the foundations

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Will traditionalists ever be able to forgive Pope Francis? – Catholic Herald

Pope Francis spoke to reporters on a wide range of topics as he returned from Kazakhstan, discussing the war in

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The German Problem| National Catholic Register

A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: The naked pressure tactics on display at the most recent gathering of the German ‘Synodal

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Asia needs courageous bishops to tackle sex abuse – UCA News

There remains a growing problem of clerical child abuse that is not being challenged sufficiently and it seems that as

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Defending religious freedom after the sexual revolution

Has the American notion of religious freedom changed in recent decades? And if so, why? Defending religious freedom after the

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VATICAN – Pope Francis: in the face of de-Christianization, Saint Augustine is more useful than “modernization” plans – Agenzia Fides

Rome (Agenzia Fides) – Jesus “made the Church with pastors, not with political leaders. He built the Church with ignorant

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