Evening Meditations for the Fifteenth Tuesday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Neither is there salvation in any other (Acts iv. 12) St. Peter says that our whole salvation is in Jesus Christ, Who, by means of the Cross, where He sacrificed His life for us, opened to us a way for hoping for every blessing from God, if we would be faithful to His commands.

St. Peter’s Basilica to Light Up With Video Projection Telling the Story of First Pope| National Catholic Register

A short preview of the video at a Vatican press conference on Sept. 20 revealed that it will showcase video

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Our Lady of Sorrows and the Gift of Tears

I have heard a similar sentiment expressed by other Christians, too (even some Catholic Christians) – that in suffering and

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France won’t extradite priest, 92, to Canada, but Oblates might expel him | Crux

Shortly before this meeting, the members of the Nunavut delegation, including an alleged victim of Rivoire and the two children

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Synthesis report complete, but bishop finds synodal path is just beginning | Crux

The USCCB released the synthesis Sept. 19. It summarizes the concerns, hopes, pains and desires voiced by an estimated 700,000

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Follow in the Footsteps of St. Robert Bellarmine: Scholarships for Scholars| National Catholic Register

The Bellarmine Fund was established to help students seeking to attend Catholic universities. Follow in the Footsteps of St. Robert

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A Queen de jure – Catholic Herald

Sixty nine years after Her Late Majesty came to Westminster Abbey to be anointed, crowned and enthroned her mortal remains

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Pope Francis has 24 hours to do the right thing – Catholic Herald

Pope Francis has a golden opportunity to make amends for his treatment of Cardinal Joseph Zen, set to go on

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Flemish bishops first in the world to give green light to church blessing of gay couples and issue specific prayers

The Bishops of Flanders are opening the door to blessing gay couples. In doing so, they are going head-on against

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Belgian bishops propose prayer for gay couples, not marriage | Crux

The Flemish-speaking bishops stressed that the “moment of prayer” was by no means akin to a sacramental marriage, which Catholic

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