Evening Meditations for the Eighteenth Tuesday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

St. Michael is specially charged by the Lord to assist us at the hour of death. Every one knows that then the assaults of the devil become more terrible, whilst our strength diminishes and our minds are weighed down by great anguish. Three causes chiefly torment those who are at the point of death: first, the remembrance of sins committed; secondly, the fear of eternal damnation; and thirdly, the attacks of hell.

The Aging Vatican II – YouTube

On the 60th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II, we’ll look at its impact on the Church as well

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Abraham, Moses, Bishop Schneider and Pope Francis’ Fatima Consecration – YouTube

Bishop Schneider told me that it was a “lack of faith” to look for an immediate result from Pope Francis’

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Why the hate attacks against Christians? | WORLD

Calvin Robinson | Why are many opinion shapers in the West so allergic to Christianity? Why the hate attacks against

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The most important news of the week on Pope Francis and the Vatican #October 2022 – YouTube

60 years of Vatican IIRome celebrates 60 years since the beginning of the Second Vatican Council. Pope Francis celebrated Mass

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Pius X to Francis: From Modernism Expelled to Modernism Enthroned – YouTube

Modernism was a loosely-defined set of tendencies and views, a method and a mentality, that criss-crossed the Catholic intelligentsia of

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Dew, Tears, and Torrents: The Living Water of Tradition – YouTube

Given at the Sacred Liturgy Conference in Spokane, Washington, in 2019, this lecture explains why tradition is so central to

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3 Christians killed, dozens wounded in attack on Chibok village | World News

ABUJA, Nigeria — Islamic extremist militants killed three Christians in an attack on a village of Chibok County, northeast Nigeria,

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Recent survey provides insight on scope and scale of Christian healthcare in Africa

Christian Connections for International Health Recent survey provides insight on scope and scale of Christian healthcare in Africa October 11,

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