Francis Is Going To “Canonize” Non-Catholic “Saints” – YouTube

How much more of the faith do they have to reject before people wake up? Francis Is Going To “Canonize”

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60th Anniversary of Vatican II (Logos Project) – YouTube

The Christian Father-On the Correction of Children – YouTube

On this conference for Christian Fathers we speak of their duty to correct their families, the conditions for those corrections

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Prisons Have Handed Power to Islamist Prisoners. Why Does Prevent Get More “Right Wing” Referrals? – YouTube

Wasiq Wasiq, Associate Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society’s Centre on Radicalisation & Terrorism, reveals that Islamists control some elements

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RORATE CÆLI: Should the Feast of Christ the King Be Celebrated in October or November?

With the revival of the traditional Roman Mass throughout the Church, a number of rather significant calendar differences between old

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The Remnant Newspaper – LION of COLOGNE: Bishop Schwaderlapp is the Face of the Resistance to the Synodal Path

The Synodal Path does not hesitate to run roughshod over Church teching and Christianity in general. The Remnant Newspaper –

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Church launches ambitious project near Disneyland Paris

Bishop Jean-Yves Nahmias of Meaux has blessed the site of the future Saint Columban Church and school, a multi-million euro

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Woke Med Students Disavow Science, Biology, and Modern Medicine | Ep. 1040 – YouTube

00:00 – Opening 02:03 – Woke Med Students Disavow Science, Biology, and Modern Medicine 14:05 – The Numbers Of Assisted

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Why Are Christians Called Misogynist? w/ Amber Rose – YouTube

St. Peter’s Basilica ‘lit up’ every evening to tell story of first Pope – YouTube

The life of St. Peter takes form every night, from 9 PM to 11 PM on 2-16 October, on the

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