Evening Meditations for the Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

When Noe judged that the Deluge ought to have ceased, he sent forth the dove from the Ark. The dove returned with an olive branch significant of the peace which God had concluded with the world. This dove was a figure of Mary. “Thou art,” says St. Bonaventure, “that most faithful dove of Noe which became the most faithful Mediatrix between God and the world submerged by a spiritual deluge.”

“Friend, where is your garment?” Fr. StanislausofGuadalupe FMCD 19th Sunday after Pentecost 10/16/22 – YouTube

Fr. Stanislaus of Guadalupe, FMCD delivers the homily for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost 10/16/22 http://www.theoldroman.com/fmcd Donations for our Mission

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Art Bell Interviews Malachi Martin (Last Interview, 7 of 7) – YouTube

1998. The last of Art Bell’s famous interviews with his favorite guest, Fr. Malachi Martin. Art Bell Interviews Malachi Martin

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Where Are The Young Catholics? – YouTube

Just a clarification: when I describe the cultural revolution that took place in the Church, I’m only cursorily thinking of

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Thousands visit St Bernadette relics as tour continues

In Middlesbrough many took the chance to go to confession, including some people who hadn’t been for more than 40

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Church History Full Series | 1st – 5th Century (Theology Academy) – YouTube

Get a chance to watch all the Church History series episodes on Theology Academy in one BIG video. Please make

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‘Ad Orientem’: Back to the Liturgical Future| National Catholic Register

COMMENTARY: Celebration of the Mass with the priest and people facing together toward the altar is the best corrective for

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What happens if the pope is a heretic? Church history professor explains – YouTube

Dr. Edmund Mazza helps us sift through the confusion and insanity paralyzing the Church throughout Francis’ pontificate and explains what

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Vatican II: Five views sixty years on – Catholic World Report

There is a way forward that is both diagnostic and prescriptive, and it offers a true opportunity at a rapprochement between

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EWTN News In Depth: The Second Vatican Council Reaches its 60th Anniversary | October 14, 2022 – YouTube

The Second Vatican Council reaches its 60th anniversary. Our reporters and expert panelists analyze its mission, its history, and its

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