Transition Regret: Irreversible BOTCHED Surgery – KC Miller – YouTube

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KC aka KCMiller is a 21-year-old FTM upset with his decision to transition, and has been questioning his decision ever since. He transitioned at 16, which means he transitioned as a child, and now has regret and tons of mental/physical struggles.

Transition Regret: Irreversible BOTCHED Surgery – KC Miller – YouTube
Transition Regret: KC Miller's Detransition Story

If you think you’re trans, think again. Then think again. Then talk to a professional. Then think even more. Transitioning is a serious life change, and it should never be taken lightly. If you are confused and depressed because you feel you might be transgender, you need to make sure that transitioning is truly what is what is best for you, because the mental anguish you feel now will be even worse if you transition and realize you made a huge mistake. KC went through the system and took steps in the transition process, but still feels it was way too fast and he didn’t address everything he should have prior to starting hormones and getting top surgery. Big thanks to KC for having this difficult conversation with me! Sending you so much love, my friend! If you’d like to connect with KC, you can find his Twitter here: @KCMiller1225

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