The Novus Ordo Mass Broke the Identity of the Church by Lyle J. Arnold

The Catholic Church teaches that “the Last Supper was a true sacrifice” (1). The prophecy of Malachi confirms this because,

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LIVE: Cardinal Grech: Synod “Excludes NOTHING” – YouTube

Excess deaths continue – YouTube

Deaths from cardiovascular disease show a significant excess Excess deaths continue – YouTube

Evening Meditations for the Twenty-first Wednesday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

We must bring our will into conformity to the Divine Will even as regards our degree of grace and of glory. Highly as we ought to esteem the glory of God, we ought to esteem His will yet more. It would be good to desire to love God more than the very Seraphim, but it would not be right to desire to ascend to a higher degree of love than what the Lord has determined for us.

Special Report: NHS ‘over-diagnosing’ transgender children – YouTube

Sky News speaks to teenagers who have both undergone gender reassignment surgery and those who have decided to de-transition. Special

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November 1st 2022 – The Altar of The Immaculata – Building the Immaculata – YouTube

Nakedness of The Liturgical Reform of Vatican II – YouTube

The ‘liturgical innovation of the New Rite’ [Paul VI] is the Emperor’s New Clothes! It is as ‘beautiful’ and ‘enthralling’

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Excess deaths in England now higher than during the COVID PANDEMIC | What’s the cause? – YouTube

Former Chairman of the British Medical Association GPs Committee, Dr Laurence Buckman reacts to excess deaths in England now running

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Greta Thunberg ADMITS Her Cause Is Communism NOT Climate 😱 😡 – YouTube

Ukraine war latest: World on ‘brink of nuclear war’, claims Russia

Russia on Wednesday claimed that the world was on the brink of nuclear conflict, accusing the West of provocation. Ukraine

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