Tom Holland on the Myth of Liberal Neutrality – YouTube

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Tom Holland on the Koran, Western myths, and the journey of examining his own liberal framework.

Tom Holland on the Myth of Liberal Neutrality – YouTube
The Myth of Liberal Neutrality | Tom Holland #Clip

Tom Holland is an award-winning historian, author and broadcaster. He is the author of many award-winning books on topics ranging from Ancient Rome and the Persian Empire to the origins of the Islamic faith. Despite his non-belief, Holland’s most recent book, Dominion, is a sweeping account of the impact of Christianity on foundational Western institutions, constitutional norms, morality and social outlooks. It is one of the most compelling histories of Christendom yet written.

Tom Holland served two years as the Chair of the Society of Authors and is Chair of the British Library’s PLR Advisory Committee. Holland is the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Making History. He has written and presented a number of TV documentaries, for the BBC and Channel 4, on subjects ranging from ISIS to dinosaurs. He is also the host of a widely popular history podcast called The Rest Is History.

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