“Anti-White Racism Doesn’t Exist”: My Kids’ School Refused to Show Me What They Were Teaching – YouTube

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During the pandemic, when much teaching was conducted online, Clare was in the unusual position of being able to witness some of the teaching and materials her children were being taught. The materials and the way the teaching was being conducted led her to want to find out more about the curriculum. Consequently, she sought to gather copies of her child’s teaching materials.

“Anti-White Racism Doesn’t Exist”: My Kids’ School Refused to Show Me What They Were Teaching – YouTube
"Anti-White Racism Doesn't Exist": My Kids' School Refused to Show Me What They Were Teaching

However, after teaching moved back inside the classroom, she faced much more difficulty. Most problems related to the PSHE (“Personal, Social, Health and Economic”) classes. The schools were reluctant to supply specific information or materials. Titles of lesson plans were given rather than the lessons themselves. The school used copyright as a barrier to allowing her access to material produced by third parties.

Transparency and knowing what our children are being taught is extremely important as an increasing number of contentious subjects are being discussed. A parent should be aware of this content so that, if necessary, they can have a conversation with their children, stating whether they agree or disagree with it. Parents also have a right to challenge it or decide whether they want to alert other parents or wider society about it.

Clare reveals that her daughter was trained with Critical Race Theory and introduced to terminologies and glossaries with very precise definitions which were treated as facts even though they are highly contentious theories. She was taught about sex positivity, intersectionality, the power structures of society and other social justice theories. Her daughter was told she had her own white privilege and was likely to be anxious about it. She was told it was ok to have white privilege but it was not ok to pretend it does not exist.

Children were racialized in other ways, too. Black children, for example, were taught that their lives were in danger and that the state (police and government) treated their lives as expendable.

To watch the full documentary, in which excerpts from this interview appear, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOSTr…

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