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If you asked many people where is Purgatory in the Bible, you may either get blank stares, possibly be told, vaguely, it’s somewhere in the Old Testament (which is true), perhaps in the letters of St. Paul (which is true), or even still, the 1st Letter of John (which is also true).

Purgatory in the Bible – YouTube
Purgatory in the Bible

However, not many people take note that Jesus himself speaks about an eschatological (i.e., an end times) reality in addition to Heaven and Hell as a real option, contingent upon how we act in this life. And, this third option has traditionally been called purgatory. And not only does Jesus speak about purgatory, but he Jesus speaks about this reality in more than one place in the Gospels using parables to describe it (this video doesn’t cover the only place that Jesus speaks of this reality). So if you’ve ever wanted to know where is purgatory in the Bible, or perhaps, more specifically, did Jesus ever speak of purgatory, then check out this video above from the video series, The Mass Readings Explained, with Dr. Brant Pitre.

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