THE PRIESTLY IMPASSE: When Obedience Becomes a Sin (Remnant-TV) – Remnant TV

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THE PRIESTLY IMPASSE: When Obedience Becomes a Sin (Remnant-TV) – Remnant TV

It has been debated for a half century: What is the Catholic attitude towards obedience in the midst of unprecedented crisis in the Church? It’s not a theological virtue, after all, but that’s not to say it can be dismissed out of hand.

The simple truth is this: Obedience matters! Great saints have laid down their lives for it. But should a Catholic priest living in 2022, for example, obey an apostate bishop, or a weak bishop, or a faithless bishop to the detriment of the faith itself? What is the Will of God in this regard, and how would said priest discern it at a time like this?

At the Catholic Identity Conference 2022, Father James Mawdsley, formerly of the FSSP, delivered a powerful address on his personal struggle with this question, based on his understanding of the Church’s infallible teaching. 

For Father Mawdsley, it was the worldwide lockdown of the Catholic Church – and the Vatican’s willing cooperation with the globalist agenda during Covid – that was the last straw. And then Traditionis Custodes made it official, which Father says is the “most evil document that has ever been produced in the name of the Church.”

Do you agree?

To obey or not to obey, that is the question.  In this powerful talk, Father Mawdsley has the courage to address that which many priests would rather not. So let’s hear him out, and decide for ourselves: When does obedience become a sin? 

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