This House Believes in the Right to Offend | Cambridge Union – YouTube

The right to offend is a quintessentially important issue in any society — especially in a liberal democracy like the

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Evening Meditations for the Twenty-third Thursday After Pentecost~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Let us consider the Patience of God in waiting for sinners to return. That great Servant of God, Sancia Carillo, a penitent of Blessed John of Avila, used to say that the consideration of God’s patience with sinners made her wish to build a church, and entitle it “The Patience of God.” Ah, who could ever bear with what God has borne with from you?

University accused of ‘replacing women’ after smear test study invited ‘people with cervixes’

The wording by researchers in Manchester left activists fearing the exclusion of women by the use of ‘highly-politicised language’ University

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Two Versions of the Church

The Synod document is a typical product of bureaucracy—wordy and jargon-ridden, that is. The 1936 Bernanos novel is a minor

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French Bishop Under Investigation for ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior Towards a Woman| National Catholic Register

The 81-year-old Franciscan religious said he had written to the woman in the summer of 2022, ‘to tell her that

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How We Treat the Poor in Age Reveals Something About Ourselves| National Catholic Register

COMMENTARY: We must be present and available to the elderly, welcome them, bring them into our lives. How We Treat

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The 7 Secret Symbols of The Rosary

We get a hint of just how much the Rosary is worth by going deeper into its rich symbolism. In

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A Chat with Novus Ordo Watch – AKA Mario Derksen – YouTube

PSALM 90 / 91 (Gregorian chant) – YouTube

In these troubled and difficult times, it is important to anchor oneself even more deeply in God’s love and protection.

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The Son of Man | with Fr. Stephen De Young – YouTube

In this conversation with Fr. Stephen De Young we talk about the agency and nature of the angels and how

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