PSALM 90 / 91 (Gregorian chant) – YouTube

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In these troubled and difficult times, it is important to anchor oneself even more deeply in God’s love and protection. All human efforts to live in security and all attempts to find solutions in the most difficult crises (however justified they may be) are not capable of granting man a definite and stable security.

PSALM 90 / 91 (Gregorian chant) – YouTube
PSALM 90 / 91 (Gregorian chant)

In this video, we sing the Tractus (a chant sung in penitential seasons before the Gospel) which puts melody to Psalm 91 in Latin. We hope that the serene flow of this sacred chant will touch souls deeply, offering them God’s comfort, whether in times of epidemic, war or whatever situation threatens us. According to the ancient monastic tradition, the Catholic Church intones this psalm at Compline (prayer at the end of the day). However, it goes back much further, to the time of the Old Covenant. Even in our own day it can convey to us the comfort that only the Heavenly Father is able to give us: to dwell in the shelter of the Most High in the midst of all tribulations.

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