Carissimi; Today’s Mass: St Cecilia, Virgin Martyr

Carissimi; Today’s Mass: St Cecilia, Virgin Martyr

Spiritual Reading for Tuesday – Twenty-fourth Week After Pentecost

What valour does not the soldier show when fighting Under the eyes of his Sovereign! The sole thought that his prince by whom he shall be punished or rewarded is present, inspires him with great courage and strength. Hence, if men only reflected that God was looking at all their actions, they would do all things well, with a pure intention, without seeking to please any one but God, and without any regard to human respect.

Morning Meditation for Tuesday – Twenty-fourth Week after Pentecost ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

The Practice of the presence of God is justly called the foundation of the spiritual life. The spiritual life consists of three things: the avoidance of evil, the practice of virtue, and union with God. The practice of the presence of God preserves the soul from sin, leads it to virtue and unites it to God in holy love.

Italian Grandma Makes Pizza and Pizza Sauce – YouTube

Pizza Dough5 lbs Bread Flour (High Gluten)1 Package Active Dry Yeast (1/4 oz)2 Tbsp Salt8 cups warm Water (105-110 degrees

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Twitter Employees MELTDOWN When Asked to “Work Hard” – YouTube

Saint Cecilia Biography – Who was St Cecilia? – St. Cecilia’s Life Explained – HD – YouTube

Saint Cecilia Biography – Who was St Cecilia? – St. Cecilia’s Life Explained – in HD – Feast Day November

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Three lessons for the U.S. bishops from the late Cardinal George – Catholic World Report

“Those who cannot think beyond narrow political categories always misunderstand the Church, which is why her history is consistently marked

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Is Lying Always Wrong? Fr Gregory Pine Vs. Dr. Janet Smith Debate – YouTube

Dr. Janet Smith and Fr. Gregory Pine (bio’s below) will debate the morality of lying. We will be taking questions

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Famous Singing Nun who blasphemed Our Lady leaves vocation to become pop singer – YouTube

Parenting Advice from a Catholic Mother of 13 – YouTube

Parenthood in our post-modern world has more tripwires, pitfalls, and trap doors into Hell than ever, but one veteran parent

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