Cancer, early warning signs – YouTube

Cancer, early warning signs Cancer, early warning signs – YouTube

‘After School Satan Club’ at elementary school draws parents’ ire | U.S. News

News of the club’s approval to use the campus facilities drew the ire of local parents and grandparents last week,

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US Bishops Speak Out About Need for Marriage Catechumenate| National Catholic Register

‘So much attention is given to the ceremony rather than to the vocation,’ Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco says,

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VATICAN – Bishop Arrieta: the Agreement on the appointment of Chinese Catholic Bishops is not new in the history of the Church – Agenzia Fides

The so-called “sinicization” of the Catholic Church in China, that is, the adaptation of the forms of ecclesial life to

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New Liturgical Movement: From All Saints to Advent: the Dedication Feasts of November

On October 31st, the Church militant upon the earth prepares itself for the great solemnity of All Saints with a

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Praying for peace – Voice of the Family

In his Summa, St Thomas develops the Augustinian idea of peace. It is no coincidence that he deals with this

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Dominican theologian to German Bishop Bätzing: Support for gay agenda is ‘modernist heresy’ – Catholic World Report

In a press conference in Rome following the ad limina visit of the German bishops, Bätzing told journalists that there

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UK drops Christian street preacher’s hate speech charges | World News

John Dunn, a 55-year-old cancer survivor from Swindon, was arrested in November 2020 for alleged “homophobia” after preaching on Swindon

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End of Life: France May Soon Follow in the Footsteps of Belgium| National Catholic Register

The French National Consultative Ethics Committee has just opened the way to ‘active assistance in dying,’ and President Emmanuel Macron

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Bishop banned from practising after ‘allegations by two women’

Peter Hullah, a former suffragan Bishop of Ramsbury, has been prohibited from all ministry within the Church of England Bishop

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