EWTN News Nightly | Friday December 2, 2022 – YouTube

Tonight on “EWTN News Nightly”: The Respect for Marriage Act is one step closer to becoming law, after it passed

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Evening Meditations for the First Friday of Advent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Before the coming of the Messias the world was buried in a dark night of ignorance and sin. The true God was hardly known, save in one single corner of the earth, that is to say, in Judea alone: In Judea God is known. (Ps. lxxv. 2). But everywhere else men adored as gods devils, beasts, and stones.

Spiritual Steps to Christmas – First Friday in Advent – YouTube

Johnny Cash’s son reflects on faith of famous father | Entertainment News

Johnny Cash is one of the most influential country artists of all time, known globally for his musical ingenuity, lyrical

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Understanding the Role of Consciousness Solves Nihilsm | with @ExistentialDelight – YouTube

Elon Musk’s Shocking Admission Confirms Worst Suspicions About Twitter | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report – YouTube

‘It’s not education it’s self-flagellation’: Douglas Murray on British museums | SpectatorTV – YouTube

Douglas Murray, the Spectator’s associate editor, clashes with former culture minister Lord Vaizey over the state of British museums. ‘It’s

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The Liturgical Year: First Friday in Advent – YouTube

Father Timothy Geckle reads from the Liturgical Year by Abbot Dom Gueranger, O.S.B The Liturgical Year: First Friday in Advent

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Trans-substantiation – Irreverend Episode 104 – YouTube

Church of England vicars Daniel French and Jamie Franklin sit down to talk about the biggest and most relevant stories

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This award-winning film starring Christopher Plummer and Gregory Peck, and featuring a score by legendary composer Ennio Morricone, tells the

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