Spiritual Steps to Christmas – Second Sunday in Advent – YouTube

Lisa continues her reading from Spiritual Steps to Christmas by the Very Reverend Msgr. Aloysius Coogan. Spiritual Steps to Christmas

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Evening Meditations for the Second Sunday of Advent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Consider that sin is the death of the soul, because this enemy of God deprives us of Divine grace, which is the life of the soul. We, therefore, miserable sinners, were already by our sins dead and condemned to hell. God, through the immense love which He bears to our souls, determined to restore us to life; and how did He do so? He sent His only-begotten Son into the world to die, in order that by His death He might restore us to life.

Lumen Gentium: Advent II – exploring the liturgy – YouTube

✠Jerome of Selsey explores and explains the theology, themes and traditions of the Traditional Roman Rite liturgies of the Sundays in Advent…

The Liturgical Year: Second Sunday in Advent – YouTube

Father Timothy Geckle reads from the Liturgical Year by Abbot Dom Gueranger, O.S.B. The Liturgical Year: Second Sunday in Advent

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Solemn High Mass – Second Sunday of Advent – 12/04/22 – St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary – YouTube

Secondes vêpres du Second dimanche de l’Avent – TU ES QUI VENTURUS ES – YouTube

RORATE CÆLI: The Council and the Eclipse of God by Don Pietro Leone: CHAPTER 10 (Part 6b). III. FEATURES OF THE TEXTS INFLUENTIAL FOR PROMOTING THE COUNCIL’S WORK (continued): 4. Novelty; 5.Deceit;

We observed above that the Council’s mandate was from the very beginning presented as an aggiornamento, or bringing up-to-date, of

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Lessons from St. John the Baptist — Integrated Catholic Life™

St. John the Baptist is proclaimed by Jesus as the greatest of the Old Testament Prophets sent to prepare Israel

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As an Advent lesson, stress the importance of the funeral Mass | Crux

As we continue through the Advent season, the Church is calling us to prepare the way of the Lord. This

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‘3-day reflection before abortion helps women’: Over 100 doctors, nurses and HCPS urge Minister not to change law – Gript

More than 100 doctors, nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals, including consultants, obstetricians and senior medical staff in maternity services,

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