Is Notre Dame ‘Bare Minimum’ Pro-Life?| National Catholic Register

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College students are often encouraged to go beyond the bare minimum in their education, to treat their studies as important endeavors in their own right, not just hoops to be jumped through or boxes to be checked.

Perhaps a similar lesson could be taken to heart by Holy Cross Father John Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame, in his witness to the institution’s pro-life commitments.

This past Tuesday, Father Jenkins took to the pages of the Chicago Tribune to respond to a pro-abortion op-ed published in the same paper just the day before. That editorial, entitled “Lies about abortion have dictated health policy,” was written by two Notre Dame professors, Tamara Kay and Susan Ostermann. Among other falsehoods, Kay and Ostermann claimed that abortion doesn’t “kill babies” because, at the earlier stages of pregnancy when most abortions happen, the unborn person is “too small to count” — a disturbing departure from the basic truth of the sanctity of all human life by two figures publicly representing themselves as teachers at a prominent Catholic university.

In his letter to the editor, Father Jenkins stated that while Kay and Ostermann are “of course, free to express their opinions on our campus or in any public forum,” he wrote “to state unequivocally that their essay does not reflect the views and values of the University of Notre Dame in its tone, arguments or assertions.”

Is Notre Dame ‘Bare Minimum’ Pro-Life?| National Catholic Register

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