The HORRIFIC Execution Of The Nun That Stood Up To Hitler – YouTube

During the Second World War, there were many people who resisted the Nazis and Hitler. Those who defied the regime

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Evening Meditations for the Third Sunday in Advent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

The charity of Christ presseth us (2 Cor. v. 14). It was not enough, says St. Augustine, for the Divine Love to have made us to His own Image in creating the first man, Adam, but He must also Himself be made to our image in redeeming us. Adam partook of the forbidden fruit, beguiled by the serpent which suggested to Eve that if she ate of that fruit she should become like to God, acquiring the knowledge of good and evil; and therefore the Lord then said: Behold, Adam is become one of us! (Gen. iii. 2). God said this ironically, and to upbraid Adam for his vast presumption. But after the Incarnation of the Word we can truly say: “Behold, God has become one of us!”

Spiritual Steps to Christmas – Gaudete Sunday – YouTube

Lisa continues her reading from Spiritual Steps to Christmas by the Very Reverend Msgr. Aloysius Coogan. Spiritual Steps to Christmas

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The Liturgical Year – Gaudete Sunday – YouTube

Father Timothy Geckle continues his readings from the Liturgical Year by Abbot Dom Gueranger, O.S.B. The Liturgical Year – Gaudete

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Lumen Gentium: Advent III – YouTube

✠Jerome of Selsey explores and explains the theology, themes and traditions of the Traditional Roman Rite liturgies of the Sundays

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Solemn High Mass – Third Sunday of Advent – 12/11/22 – St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary – YouTube

“Respect for Marriage Act” Glorifies Same-Sex Unions, Forces Catholics to Do the Same – YouTube

Congress is voting this week on the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act.” Terry Schilling of American Principles Project unpacks how

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Sermon for the Third Sunday of Advent – YouTube

The Sunday Sermons of St. Alphonsus Liguori for the Sundays of the year, according to the Traditional Roman Missal of

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Frank Capra ‘Earned His Wings’ With ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’| National Catholic Register

This December, millions of Americans once again will gather in front of their TVs to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. The

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