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One of the problems for the political and media class, when it comes to the video footage of Leo Varadkar engaged in a deeply passionate kiss with a fellow other than his publicly identified partner, is simply that almost everybody has seen it. It has, thus, become almost impossible for the media to cover up, such is the power of social media. And make no mistake: Had it been in the power of the media class, and the politicians, to cover it up, then it would have been buried so deep that it might only have been discovered by an alien paleontologist, several million years hence, as evidence of the late-stage evolution of human civilisation.

But sadly, such burial proved impossible. And so it is that almost everybody now knows that one of two things must be true about the soon to be Taoiseach: That he is either a person who has been shamefully unfaithful to his partner, or that his partner and he have some kind of arrangement where such behaviour is okay, and indeed tolerated. The former explanation reflects poorly on Mr. Varadkar’s personal character. The latter will strike many people, correctly, as deeply unorthodox, and evidence that Mr. Varadkar does not share their values, or their way of living life. There is no good explanation, and certainly none that is a net positive for Mr. Varadkar.

As such, distractions have had to be created. First, there has been the absurdity that the attention on Mr. Varadkar’s video is in some way “homophobic”. This is an absolute nonsense – if anything, the reverse is true. I would suggest to you, for example, that if Mr. Varadkar was straight, and in a relationship with a woman, then his indiscretion with another woman would have received vastly more coverage and provoked much more anger from the matriarchy that dominates Irish newsrooms. In fact, Mr. Varadkar has benefitted here from being gay. The media squeamishness (including, I admit, my own) about talking about this issue has flowed almost entirely from a real or imagined fear of being seen to engage in a bit of casual gay-bashing.

Martins’ disgraceful proposal: Varadkar’s Law – Gript

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