“Arrested for a social media post” | Konstantin Kisin – YouTube

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Comedian Konstantin Kisin discusses shocking facts about British censorship in comedy that has led to a steep rise in arrests across the country. Full episode: https://youtu.be/Pvv5kcecnp4

(1) “Arrested for a social media post” | Konstantin Kisin – YouTube
"Arrested for a social media post" | Konstantin Kisin

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  1. I used to watch Triggernometry and I recommended it to my friends. Then, last January, the show became a full on attack on gay women – we are ugly, etc, and then came the episode in May 2021 that was just rape joke after rape joke. The comments in the chat from the fans were absolutely disgusting. Konstantin went along with it all. It was Francis laughing about raping babies, but Konstantin went along with it all and told a couple of rape jokes himself. Since then, I have never watched their show, I have withdrawn all support and I alert people to the content of Triggernometry.

    I noticed other lgbt people stopped watching. Triggernometry used to have a lot of regular supporters who gave Konstantin and Francis financial support. I noticed they stopped watching the show.

    A friend asked me about Triggernometry and I said why I had stopped watching it. She said she had stopped watching it two months previously because she disliked the way that Konstantin and Francis spoke about people in general. They laugh at people, talk down about people and it’s generally not the kind of behaviour she wanted in her life.

    As a Christian, I know God’s view on rape – He destroyed Absolom’s reign because Absolom turned a blind eye to his daughter being raped by his son. God is very clear about rape and anyone who is for it.

    And yes, as a Christian, I follow the Bible’s teaching on relationships. Jesus also said that to make fun of anyone, to call people names, is a sin akin to murder because you have murdered that person in your heart.

    As a Christian, I want to warn people about Konstantin Kisin and his colleague Francis Foster. It’s a shame because those guys have had some great things to say. They just think gay people are not worthy or respect and they think rape is hilarious, as do their fans.

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