Spiritual Steps to Christmas – Ember Friday in Advent – YouTube

Lisa continues her reading from Spiritual Steps to Christmas by the Very Reverend Msgr. Aloysius Coogan. (74) Spiritual Steps to

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Evening Meditations for the Third Friday in Advent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

The divine Word, from the first instant that He was made Man and an Infant in Mary’s womb, offered Himself of His own accord to suffer and to die for the ransom of the world: He was offered because it was his own will (Is. liii. 7). He knew that all the sacrifices of goats and bulls offered to God in times past had not been able to satisfy for the sins of men, but that it required a divine Person to pay the price of their redemption; wherefore He said, as the Apostle tells us: When he cometh into the world he saith: Sacrifice and oblation thou wouldst not, but a body thou hast fitted to me … Then said I: Behold, I come (Heb. x. 5).

The Liturgical Year – Ember Friday in Advent – YouTube

Father Timothy Geckle continues his readings from the Liturgical Year by Abbot Dom Gueranger, O.S.B. The Liturgical Year – Ember

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Religion Clause: NY Appellate Court Says Yeshiva University Must Recognize LGBTQ Student Group

The rank hypocrisy of the Irish apostasy – Catholic Herald

By Dubhaltach O Reachtnin Eamon Martin, archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All-Ireland, has spoken out strongly about the encroaching state

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Religion Clause: Christian Doctors Challenge New Mexico’s Assisted Suicide Law

Christians: The Respect for Marriage Act will be used against you | Voice

This is not hype or exaggeration. It is a simple, legal truth. With the signing of the “Respect for Marriage

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US rights watchdog says police brutality rife in Philippines – UCA News

Theft suspect dies from injuries after a public beating by police officers in Visayas. A US human rights group has

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Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation: December 16th On the charity of the Son of God for us in His mother’s womb

Today’s ✠Challoner Meditation

Trust and Expectation with the O Antiphons — Integrated Catholic Life™

omorrow begins the octave before Christmas. While octaves following key feast days (Easter, Christmas, Pentecost) are an important part of

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