Cabinet Office scraps trans ideology workshops after civil servants complain – Gript

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The British Cabinet Office has scrapped a series of “gender inclusion” workshops after complaints from civil servants that they were “scientifically nonsensical”.

The Telegraph reports that the sessions had been delivered across a number of Whitehall departments, but have now been axed after concerns were raised with senior mandarins and ministers about the contents of the workshops.

A letter of complaint about the workshop which was sent by the Women’s Rights Network (WRN) raised issues about the contents of the session.

The WRN alleged that “beliefs were presented as fact” during the workshops, and the rights of women as well as lesbians were “overridden”. According to the letter, the trainer conducting the workshop claimed that those who did not accept gender identity were “devious” — and “not qualified to give an opinion”.

It is also claimed that the trainer told participants that refusing the label “cisgender” is a “dogwhistle” for transphobia.

The Telegraph also reports that one civil servant was left “shaking with distress” in the aftermath of the workshop. The letter of complaint, which was sent to Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, and Cabinet Office secretary Matthew Rycroft, included a series of testimonies from civil servants who had attended the sessions.

It included the testimony of one civil servant who said they were “shaking with distress” afterwards because it was “scientifically so nonsensical and bizarre”, while another staff member said they found the contents of the workshop “awful and upsetting”. A third said they felt those giving the workshop were “tantamount to bullying and preachy at the same time”.

Several MPs, including Sir Robert Buckland and John Penrose, also complained to ministers and the Cabinet Office about the workshops after constituents got in touch to raise concerns.

Cabinet Office scraps trans ideology workshops after civil servants complain – Gript

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