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Protestant leader hails Jiang Zemin as a ‘great Marxist we all love and miss’

China’s communist regime has instructed all Protestant Christians belonging to the state-controlled body, Three-Self Church, to pay tributes to Jiang Zemin, ex-president and former general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The instructions to remember Jiang was passed to national leaders of the Three-Self Church who gathered for a Memorial Conference in Shanghai in the first week of December, Bitter Winter reported. They were told all members of the Three-Self Church across China should do the same.

Jiang (1926-2022) was general secretary of the CCP from 1989-2002 and President of China from 1993-2003. He died on Nov. 30 this year due to leukemia and multiple organ failures.

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China’s iron-fisted President Xi Jinping is known for his admiration of Jiang, whose tenure saw the Communist nation experience remarkable economic growth, the return of Hong Kong from Britain and Macau from Portugal, brutal suppression of the pro-democracy movement, and widespread human rights abuses including the persecution of religious cults and movements such as Falun Gong.

He also made vital contributions to solidify the Communist doctrines to impose tight control on the state.   

During the Dec. 6 conference, leaders of the Three-Self Church said that Jiang was “a great Marxist we all love and miss.”

Pastor Kan Baoping, the vice chairman of the Three-Self Church, noted that Jiang did “a good job in religious work” and started the “Sinicization of Christianity” now completed by Xi Jinping, Bitter Winter reported.

China forces Christians to honor late Communist leader – UCA News

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