How to overcome loneliness this Christmas | Voice

Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJVPosted by

“God with us” is the very essence of the Christian experience. All other religions lay out things that you must do to reach God, make it to Heaven, achieve Nirvana, or escape wrath. If you do it all perfectly, then maybe you will gain the approval of God or reach the outskirts of Heaven.

In contrast to all the other religions of the world, Christianity doesn’t say “do.” It has already been done. Our salvation was accomplished by God Himself, for us through God with us, who became a man and took our penalty on Himself.

Some people dread the month of December, wishing they could skip from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Some empty nesters miss the hustle and bustle of Christmases past. Some have lost a spouse, and memories of Christmas only seem to make the pain and desolation harder to bear.

Is this a time of anxiety or separation for you? Are you lonely, and feel as though you have no one at all?

How to overcome loneliness this Christmas | Voice

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