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We are not quite back at the stage where western establishment media is re-running footage allegedly showing lads falling stone dead on the streets in China, but there is a new Covid Panic a-brewing. Apologies for breaking the news. The good part of that is that Gript, unlike the above, will report such phenomena with the same interrogating eye as we did throughout that interesting time.

Last month, China appeared to be in the grip of mass protests, but unsurprisingly they have been suppressed. Part of that, however, is being pitched by the Chinese Communist Party and its many paid allies around the world as the consequence of the regime having eased off on the restrictions imposed as part of their Zero Covid policy favoured by those allies and other fanatics in Ireland and elsewhere.

In November, the official line was that the authorities were continuing to place “vulnerable” people under “close monitoring.” This led to protests and evidence appeared to show that people who were believed to have contracted Covid-19 were padlocked into their apartments. This was claimed by some to have been a factor in the deaths of at least ten people who were trapped in a fire at an apartment block in Urumqi on November 24.

The widespread protests subsided, as they tend to do in an all pervasive totalitarian state, but the fire at Uqumqi, in the Uyghur province of Xinjiang briefly lifted the veil on the systematic repression, amounting to effective genocide, against the Uyghur people as documented in several reports.

The protests do appear to have had some impact in China, and the regime has been in the process of seeming to abandon or at least greatly ease the severe restrictions that have been in place since January 2020 when the Covid panic began in the city of Wuhan where many believe the virus originated as a consequence of gain of purpose research in a virology laboratory.

While still boasting about the effectiveness of its “strict dynamic zero-Covid policy,” the Communist Party People’s Daily yesterday published a very curious piece by a former advisor to American President Jimmy Carter, and regime apologist, Harvey Dzodin.

In the article headed ‘Three years fight paves way for re-opening,’ Dzodin implies that the easing is only possible because Zero Covid was a success, but proceeds with an ominous, if not threatening, prediction.

While the next few months in China and elsewhere can’t be predicted, experts say that globally, new variants and sub-variants of the novel coronavirus, and the emergence of new coronaviruses are a matter of when, not if, and that some could be more transmissible and deadly. Instead of fighting needless zero-sum international relations battles, it’s imperative that global attention and energy be laser-focused now on learning from the past three years’ experience and preventing future pandemics.

A new Covid Panic? What is happening in China? – Gript

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