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Macau administration asks mothers to send children to their home countries amid high airfare and financial woes.

Dozens of migrant mothers in Macau are facing a crisis due to high airfare and financial woes after the authorities in the Chinese-ruled city ordered them to send their children, born during the Covid-19 pandemic, back home.

Many women non-resident workers (TNR) have received expatriation orders from the Macau administration, which further increases the stress on the workers who are already struggling with low wages, Portuguese daily Hoje Macau reported on Dec. 16.

Windy Inez, a 32-year-old mother, said she received a notice on Dec. 5 asking to send her baby back home.

“They gave me 14 days and I was informed that this was the last visa my daughter would have,” she said. 

Many mothers like Windy are struggling to get an extension of the visas for their children until January when the travel is cheaper.

Some 28,000 Filipino women work in Macao, most of them Catholics. 

“My friends informed me that when they asked for an extension of their visas, the immigration department asked them to present plane tickets with departures scheduled for at least five days before the visa expired,” she indicated.

However, employers deny airline tickets citing high airfare due to the Christmas holidays, further complicating the issue.

Macau’s migrants stressed over babies’ deportation order – UCA News

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