Ghost village deserted since World War II to host funeral for one of its last residents

The Ministry of Defence has made special arrangements for mourners to attend service inside the closed off area. A ghost village

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Bereavement is cruel. Take your time. – Gript

This will be our first Christmas without my father. And this year, an unfamiliar sense of disquiet, even dread, keeps

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Spiritual Steps to Christmas – Fourth Wednesday in Advent – YouTube

Lisa continues her reading from Spiritual Steps to Christmas by the Very Reverend Msgr. Aloysius Coogan. Spiritual Steps to Christmas

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Evening Meditations for the Fourth Wednesday in Advent ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

In creating man in the beginning, God did not place him on earth to suffer, but put him into the paradise of pleasure (Gen. ii. 15). He put man in a place of delight in order that he might pass thence to Heaven where he would enjoy for all eternity the glory of the blessed. But by sin man unhappily made himself unworthy of his earthly Paradise, and closed against himself the gates of the Heavenly Paradise, wilfully condemning himself to death and to everlasting misery. But what did the Son of God do to rescue man from such a state of misery?

Liturgical Year – Fourth Wednesday in Advent – YouTube

Father Timothy Geckle continues his readings from the Liturgical Year by Abbot Dom Gueranger, O.S.B. (5) Liturgical Year – Fourth

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50 Italian Priests come out of the closet in open letter – YouTube

The Christmas Storyteller: The Journey to Bethlehem as seen by Mystic Ven. Mary of Agreda – YouTube

EU corruption scandal, energy independence and nuclear fusion | Gript – Gript

Ben Scallan speaks to Pieter Cleppe of the Brussles Report about the alleged EU corruption scandal with Qatar, energy independence,

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Alleged Rupnik victim speaks out about ‘sexual, psychological and spiritual’ abuse – Catholic Herald

An alleged victim of Father Marko Rupnik has spoken out about how she was abused by the priest over thirty

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CHINA ‘Underground’ Bishop Gao of Kaifeng dies

According to local sources, the prelate died in Shaanxi, aged 77.  Secretly ordained in 2005 as coadjutor of Mgr Liang

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