Parents accuse Church of England of child abuse over trans video | World News

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Parents are accusing the Church of England of child abuse after learning their primary school-aged children were subjected to a video that promotes the idea of being born in the wrong body.

Calvin and Nicola Watts of Kent in southeast England pulled their children from St Michael’s Church of England primary school when they discovered their 8-year-old was shown a video titled It Feels Good to be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity without their knowledge or consent, according to the United Kingdom-based watchdog group Christian Concern.

Read by Nana Ceecee — whose YouTube channel includes several videos of her reading books about child transgenderism, such asPrincessBoy and When Aidan Became a Brother — the book, authored by Theresa Thorn, tells the story of young Ruthie, who is a biological male described as a “transgender girl.”

Ruthie has a brother named Xavier, who the book describes as a “cis-gender boy.”

The book recounts how “Ruthie was five when she told her parents they had got her gender identity wrong,” while “Xavier was three and a half when he told his family he likes being a boy.”

One passage of the book reads as follows: “Your gender identity might not match what people thought you were when you were born. When you were born you couldn’t tell people who you were or how you felt. They looked at you and made a guess. Maybe they got it right, maybe they got it wrong.

“You might feel like your gender changes from day to day,” the book concludes.

When the parents learned about the lesson, they began reaching out to other parents and raised concerns that such content violated St. Michael’s safeguarding policy, which states that “all children…have a right to be heard and to have their wishes and feelings taken into account and all children regardless of age, gender, ability, culture, race, language, religion, sexual identity or orientation, have equal rights to protection.”

Parents accuse Church of England of child abuse over trans video | World News

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