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Transport group appeals for ‘sober’ driving by reducing alcohol intake at Christmas parties to avoid road mishaps.

Philippine authorities have reported a sudden spike in road accidents caused by intoxicated drivers across the country in December.

The National Police Highway Patrol Group and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) reported that 84 people have died and 1,732 were injured since Dec. 1 due to road accidents involving drunk drivers.

The LTO had responded to almost 1,500 road crash incidents, where 1,356 drivers tested positive for alcohol intoxication. Police likewise reported a 73 percent increase in road accidents compared to 2021.

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“The rate is alarming because this is the first Christmas after the pandemic when government restrictions have eased. For almost three years, public gatherings were prohibited and people were afraid of Covid-19. Now, everything is beginning to go back to normal,” Manila police inspector Donald Cornejo told UCA News.

Cornejo, however, said although there were fewer restrictions on public gatherings this year, motorists should not drink before driving.

“There is no reason to disregard the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act that prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol. We have apprehended hundreds of violators, some of them ended in jail,” Cornejo added.

The Anti-Drunk Driving Law requires that a driver should have no more than 0.05 percent of alcohol in his body during the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test to avoid charges of drunk driving.

“Many of the drunk drivers we apprehended yielded a 3.0 percent alcohol in their body. And they all came from a gathering related to Christmas. Many of them came from Christmas parties or reunions,” Manila LTO officer Jojo Sales told UCA News.

Spike in accidents after festive drinking in Philippines – UCA News

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