A Road Map for Catholic Families — Integrated Catholic Life™

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When my wife and I came into the Catholic Church with our two sons, we were somewhat overwhelmed by the new life we had begun. We had not only entered into full communion with the Church Christ founded, but we clearly recognized how the expectations for our marriage and how we raised our family had changed considerably as we began to understand our vocation as parents. We were blessed to be surrounded by helpful priests, deacons and caring parishioners who helped us along the way, but it was often in the writings of Pope St. John Paul II that we found the most comfort and help.

My family and I were not blessed to belong to the Church during the papacy of John Paul the Great. Fortunately, his legacy has lived on in a profound way through his prolific writings. One such impactful document which has dramatically impacted our family is his apostolic exhortation, Familiaris Consortio — On the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World (1981). As a new Catholic family seeking a clear guide to help us understand Church teaching on our roles and responsibilities, Familiaris Consortio was (and remains) the road map we were seeking.

Why has this particular papal writing been so impactful? The reasons are numerous, but I would argue that many converts to the Catholic Church typically see conversion as more than simply “joining the Church” and are seeking a radical new way of life. The mere idea of becoming Catholic means a rejection of the world and the old lives we once led. For my wife and I, this was the case. We desired to align and conform our marriage and family life to the teachings of the Church.

There are four significant ways Familiaris Consortio has impacted our family’s thinking and understanding…

A Road Map for Catholic Families — Integrated Catholic Life™

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