Cardinal Nichols denounces new ‘queer’ carol – Catholic Herald

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You might think that Christmas could be nothing but Christian, but that would be to underestimate not only the dulling numbing of secular holidaying, but also the more serious insidious wokery that has sprung up to challenge it.  

Cardinal Nicholls is alone amongst Christian leaders (so far) to have spoken out on Times Radio about the danger and damage of diluting our Christian rituals. He did so today in response to the inclusion of a new “queer” version of “God rest ye merry, Gentlemen” at a carol service on Monday this week.

He is right. But in order to appreciate quite how right he is, we need to take stock of what lies behind this assault on Christian lyrics so we can judge how seriously we take it. 

Secularism was content that “you shopped until you dropped”. But “wokery” is a new religion. 

It emerges through the mists of Jungian archetypes and our therapeutic obsessions. But it’s not hard to understand what it sets out to do. It wants to replace God with Man, or, to be bang up to date, Persons. 

Jung described what his new Gnosticism was about when he explained that in his view the Self (note the capital ‘S’) and the idea of God were interchangeable. For Jung salvation had to be replaced with the fulfilment of the full potential of each person – what he called “individuation”. So we move away from worshipping the Creator to worshipping ourselves. There is an old world for an old concept: idolatry. 

By some strange alchemy this therapeutic idolatry has got mixed up in a form of spiritualised power politics fostered in the world of political correctness. However we account for the emergence of wokery, it has poached parts of the Christian world view and then woven a different morality play out of the ingredients. It has become all about the redistribution of power. 

The holiness of God has been replaced by the sanctity of victimhood. One of the weaknesses of wokery is its unthinking collectivism. Simply belonging to an allegedly oppressed group credits you with the new societal sanctity.

The traditional 17th century carol “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” features lyrics about Jesus’s birth and the joy of the shepherds and Mary. 

However, at a carol service on Monday, alternative lyrics were printed to feature “new inclusive words for a traditional hymn”.

All Saints with Holy Trinity church in Loughborough used the carol with updated lyrics that removed references to Christ as saviour and to Satan. Instead they sang:

“God rest you also, women, who by men have been erased, 

Through history ignored and scorned, defiled and displaced; 

Remember that your stories too, are held within God’s grace.”

Cardinal Nichols denounces new ‘queer’ carol – Catholic Herald

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