DESTROYING Communism w/ Dr. Paul Kengor – YouTube

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DESTROYING Communism w/ Dr. Paul Kengor

Intro/ Bio cont. 0:54 Immaculate Reception 3:15 Bio and Conversion cont. 11:48 Meta commentary on Marx 13:34 The origin of the term Communism 15:13 Overview of the Topic 18:55 What is Communism/ What is attractive about it. 23:43 About Marx as a person 26:27 What is Proletariat and Bourgeoisie 30:55 Proto-socialists and Communists 33:57 Agenda of Modern Marxists 35:03 Socialism in The Acts of the Apostles 36:26 Communisms hatred of Religion 39:20 Marxism’s failed anthropology 42:29 Marxism vs. Marriage 48:29 Marxism and Public Education 50:05 Central Management 54:29 The continual pursuit of the next Problem 56:19 Why is it appealing 57:10 Lack of Elections in Communist countries 59:03 Influences on Marx’s thought 1:02:12 Marxism as a religion 1:04:59 Centesimus 42 1:08:46 The DSA 1:16:57 Were Mussolini and Hitler on the right? 1:20:34 Practicality, Practicality, Practicality 1:25:05 Communism, Socialism, Marxism 1:27:54 Ten Outcomes of Communism 1:30:53 Progressive income tax 1:35:07 Communist Steelman from Neil 1:38:08 Are we Straw manning? 1:40:17 Catholic Communists? 1:42:50 Marx’s Racism 1:46:13 Abolition of inheritance 1:48:15 Marxists Leaders Greed 1:51:19 Centralize Credit? 1:52:02 Centralize Transport and Communication 1:53:23 Abolition distictintion between town and country 1:57:20 Public Schools 1:59:09 Why is it appealing? 2:01:40 Break 2:04:56 People who misunderstand Marx and Definitions 2:08:40 Dr. Kengor’s struggle researching 2:12:25 Distributism? 2:13:40 Investing Stock Market 2:14:19 Marx and the Sexual Revolution 2:16:17 Monarchy? 2:17:33 Scandinavian Socialists? 2:18:45 Was Jesus Socialist? 2:19:54 Why do people think Communism is Christian 2:20:42 Is Feminism Marxist? 2:22:49 Why is Communism coming back? 2:25:44 Wrap up/ Bella Dodd

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