Sir Keir Starmer: Pro-trans laws are needed across UK

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Labour leader’s vow to update rules on gender self-identification emerges in wake of controversial changes passed by Scottish Parliament.

Sir Keir Starmer has pledged to change the law to allow trans people to self-declare their gender, The Telegraph can reveal.

The Labour leader has said he will “update” the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) if elected, despite warnings that doing so would impact women’s rights and could enable predatory men to access single-sex spaces.

Sir Keir’s commitment could mean legislation in the UK mirrors changes passed by the Scottish Parliament on Thursday, which allow people as young as 16 to change their legal gender by signing a declaration.

Rishi Sunak has already said he thinks it is “completely reasonable” for the Government to consider blocking the SNP’s changes.

Labour MSPs were whipped to vote in favour of the Gender Recognition Bill, but that prompted a split in the party as some refused to support the change.

The Telegraph can reveal that Sir Keir has promised the LGBT community that he would take similar action on the GRA in England and Wales if elected.  

Sir Keir Starmer: Pro-trans laws are needed across UK

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