Subjective Truth and The Downfall Of Objectivity: Interview with Alisa Childers – YouTube

Scientism Has a Problem — It Can’t Be Verified Scientifically| National Catholic Register

Science can measure some characteristics and reveal some physical structures, but it can never tell us what something is and

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The Glastonbury Thorn: a resurrected symbol of Christmas | Catholic News Agency

The Catholic celebration of Christmas is about God’s entry into our sinful world — a theological truth that is sometimes

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Death toll rising as freezing temps impact millions across US | U.S. News

Energy firms hoard £2bn of customers’ cash

Direct debit payments rise even when bill-payers are thousands of pounds in credit, investigation shows. Energy companies are hoarding nearly

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New Liturgical Movement: Why 1962 Must Eventually Perish: The Case of St. John

Each year after Christmas comes the wonderful sequence of companion feasts. This week at NLM, I should like to make

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Do Sheep Graze in Bethlehem in December?| National Catholic Register

No Greater Love — Integrated Catholic Life™

Just yesterday, we began our observance of Christmastide by celebrating the Nativity of Our Lord. And now today, we observe

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The Christmas speech that defines the King as a ‘defender of faiths’ – Catholic Herald

Has King Charles sowed the seeds of the destruction of the House of Windsor? Dramatically this year the King’s Speech

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Evening Meditations for St Stephen’s Day ~ St Alphonsus Liguori

Consider that the first sign which the Angel gave to the shepherds, by which to discover the new-born Messias, was, that they would find Him in the form of an Infant: You shall find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, and laid in a manger (Luke ii. 12).

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