The Christmas speech that defines the King as a ‘defender of faiths’ – Catholic Herald

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Has King Charles sowed the seeds of the destruction of the House of Windsor?

Dramatically this year the King’s Speech refers not just a film about the recent history of the monarchy. It is the Monarch’s Christmas address.  It is the articulation of our new present. A different King and a different speech; not about an abdication but about a new reign, delivered at Christmas. This was a speech that set out to map the future. It’s intention was not only to celebrate the beginning of a new reign in an address to the nation, but to change the role of the monarchy to preserve the House of Windsor’s future.

But did it?

Unlike the earlier film The King’s Speech, the present King had no difficulty in talking to the nation. King George VI’s grandson spoke confidently and kindly. Coming out from behind the long shadow of his mother, he made the monarch’s Christmas talk very much his own from the first moment.

He didn’t sit in a chair behind a desk in the palace as she did. He stood confidently and spoke personally and personably to the camera and to the nation, in St George’s Chapel at Windsor.

A lot of time and attention will have gone into the construction of his first Christmas offering. And it showed. It was fluent and seamless. With deft skill and emotional intelligence King Charles ticked every single box that appeared to matter.

After paying tribute to his mother, he compassionately empathised with all his other subjects suffering from bereavement during this seasonal celebration.

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The Christmas speech that defines the King as a ‘defender of faiths’ – Catholic Herald

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