The Rupnik Scandal: the Jesuit must stand trial, says New York canonist – Catholic Herald

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Fr Marko Ivan Rupnik should stand trial, and any involvement Pope Francis had in directing the Vatican or the Jesuits on how the case was to be handled should be made known “sooner rather than later”, leading canonist Fr Gerald Murray has said. 

In this second part of the Catholic Herald‘s two-part interview (for the first part, see here) with the New York priest, we discuss the shocking interview an alleged victim of Fr Rupnik recently gave to Italian media, the Jesuits’ version of the events which led to the Slovenian priest’s excommunication, and Pope Francis’ potential involvement in the Rupnik scandal. 

Diane Montagna (DM): Fr Murray, one of Fr Rupnik’s alleged victims, a former religious sister of the Loyola community, has spoken out in a new interview with Italian media detailing the sexual, psychological and spiritual abuse she suffered. According to her allegations, the abuse began one year after Fr Rupnik was ordained. 

Fr Gerald Murray (GM): The testimony of the former religious sister concerning Fr Rupnik’s actions is deeply concerning. The charges she makes against Fr Rupnik of grave moral turpitude, of unholy manipulation of her conscience and of persistent coercion to participate in gravely immoral acts under a pseudo-religious guise clearly should have merited the setting aside of the statute of limitations by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). He should now be prosecuted.

(DM): Amid mounting pressure for greater transparency, on December 18 the Jesuits released a timeline of events surrounding the canonical process that led to Fr Rupnik’s temporary excommunication. According to the timeline, in January 2020, judges unanimously found Fr Rupnik guilty of the crime of absolving an accomplice in confession. However, it wasn’t until May 2020 that the CDF declared that Fr Rupnik “was in the status of excommunication latae sententia”. According to the Jesuit timeline, the excommunication was lifted by a CDF decree “later that month”. Nevertheless, on March 6 2020 Fr Rupnik—who at that point was convicted of a very serious crime—preached a televised Lenten spiritual reflection in the Apostolic Palace for officials of the Roman Curia. How is this possible? 

The Rupnik Scandal: the Jesuit must stand trial, says New York canonist – Catholic Herald

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