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Courage is not a onetime choice. It is one we must make every day. We choose it through sacrifices, prayer, the sacraments, and moral living.

Early into our family’s extended holiday vacation in Georgia with my in-laws, I made a very foolish mistake while hiking with my four older children. It had been wet and rainy, and we reached a very slick length of rock. Stubborn to reach the top and see the view, I pushed my children on, not fully appreciating the difficulties we would encounter on our return down. 

It was dangerous and a foolhardy decision, especially given that I would need to carry my two-year-old boy down that mountain. There were many tears from children, and much slipping on bald rock as we slowly, often on all fours, made the descent. And I needed my sure-footed nine-year-old daughter to keep her nerve because she was the one most capable of helping me with the younger kids. I’ve never been more thankful for her ballet training in all my life.

But I’m also grateful for her fortitude—and that of my other children, who through their tears (and my encouragement and prayers) kept carefully moving forward and eventually reached safety. Perhaps Dad had lacked prudence, but at least my kids found themselves capable of mustering satisfactory courage to maintain their composure and soldier on.

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Courage for 2023 – Crisis Magazine

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