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There are many inherent philosophical flaws and moral problems associated with atheism. Here are some points that have gotten lost in the shuffle:

What is the atheist moral code? We all know what the Christian and Jewish moral codes ask of its adherents. We also know that all of the evil committed by Jews and Christians was the result of individuals refusing to live by those codes. But how can one know if an atheist is good or bad other than by judging them on the basis of the Judeo-Christian moral codes? The simple answer is: we don’t.

There is no logically and morally consistent atheist moral code though several have been attempted over the past two centuries including Nietzscheism, fascism, social Darwinism, scientism, Malthusianism, communism and objectivism, but all of these have been abject failures both philosophically and on a practical level.

We are constantly inundated by empty atheist bragging about how wonderful they are but when pressed for details and proof, they initially are shy about offering data and, when pressed further, they become incensed and start down a long whiney road of recriminations. But, at the end of it all, to live as an atheist, by the beliefs of atheists, nothing good has ever come of it. However, we shouldn’t presume that their lack of benevolence is the end of that story. Atheism has been responsible for a great deal of evil in the world. For a community that insists they are “humanists” they’ve certainly killed an inordinate number of their fellow human beings, a great number of them, Christians. 

The Emptiness of Atheism| National Catholic Register

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