Former Paris archbishop target of sexual assault probe

US President Joe Biden will not attend Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral – Gript

Pope Benedict XVI and the Ghouls – Crisis Magazine

To me it seems clear that the Church’s problem will be solved as Lefties age out. This doesn’t mean I

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Time for the Irish State to put national interests before climate extremism   – Gript

Benedict XVI ‘did theology on his knees,’ Pope Francis says – Detroit Catholic

The theological writings and papal teaching of the late Pope Benedict XVI were and will continue to be a blessing

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Celebrating Epiphany – YouTube

This is a clip from the Catholic Culture Podcast, “Solemnities and How to Celebrate Them”, with Denis McNamara and Christopher

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Michael Knowles DEBATES Viral Pro-Choice Activist | Bronte Remsik – YouTube

Michael Knowles was joined by Bronte Remsik, a third-year medical school student and social media influencer, to debate abortion. (2)

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The two popes and the mystery of the Church – Voice of the Family

REACTION: Conservative Parents DEBATE Liberal Teachers on Education – YouTube

Today I’m reacting to Jubilee’s Middle Ground video “Should Parents Ban Topics from Schools?” Conservative parents debate liberal teachers on

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“It broke his heart” – Dr. Robert Moynihan reflects on Archbishop Georg Gänswein’s interview – YouTube

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