Man accuses women-only social media app of trans discrimination | U.S. News

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The Australian creator of a women-only social media app has been sued by a man who identifies as female and accused the platform of discrimination for barring him from using the app because he is a man. 

In a federal court lawsuit filed last month, the man, who goes by the name Roxanne Tickle, claimed that he was unfairly prohibited from using the female-only platform, Giggle for Girls, last September 2021. Tickle also claims that the company and its CEO Sally Grover said he was a man. 

“I believe that I am being discriminated against by being provided with extremely limited functionality of a smartphone app by the app provider compared to that of other users because I am a transgender woman,” Tickle, who is a man, wrote in a complaint filed with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Lawyers for Giggle at the Feminist Legal Clinic asserted in March that the decision had nothing to do with Tickle’s chosen gender identity, stating that Tickle was “considered male” based on his appearance, prompting his removal from the women-only app. 

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Tickle initially sued Giggle and Grover in federal circuit and family court in July. However, he dropped the case due to concerns about legal expenses after Grover indicated she’d take the case to the high court if necessary. 

Tickle has asked the federal court’s approval to launch the case and is seeking damages along with a written apology and complete access to the platform.

Giggle for Girls and the Feminist Legal Clinic did not immediately respond to The Christian Post’s request for comment. Grover told CP on Monday that she had no comment. 

The Giggle CEO published an open letter on Medium in January 2021 stating that she created Giggle because she needed a “strong female support network” after suffering abuse. During the app’s development phase, Grover said she fought to ensure that men who identify as women were welcome on the platform. She claims that her company created an alternative onboarding process for men who identify as female so they would not be “misgendered.” “I wanted trans women to feel welcome.”

After what the CEO called the “trans activist” corners of the internet discovered Giggle, men identifying as women who did not make it onto the application created “KILL TERF” profiles. “TERF” stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.”

Grover stated that the trans activists also lashed out by sending her rape and death threats.

The Giggle CEO added that she ultimately decided to change her platform’s policy, making the app exclusively for biological women. She also highlighted in her open letter that Giggle is used in 88 countries by a variety of women, including mothers, domestic abuse survivors, and women of every political affiliation. 


Man accuses women-only social media app of trans discrimination | U.S. News

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