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If you are able, do not hesitate to assist at someone’s holy death. You will never regret it.

How beautiful the deathbed of Benedict must have been. What a wonder to have been there. 

We are a bit spooked by death and dying. Seeing a body in a coffin at a wake is a jarring thing. But to be there as someone lay dying? That is a whole other thing, a profound thing. 

Five years ago, journalist Kate O’Beirne lay dying of lung cancer at Georgetown University Hospital. Word began to circulate that her friends had gathered around her bed to say the Rosary with her. I felt great envy that I was not among them. Kate was my friend and sometimes mentor, but for some reason, I lacked the courage to ask to go. 


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Not long after, Mickie Teetor lay dying at her daughter’s house in Great Falls. Mickie was a great woman, a late-in-life convert who inspired many to get involved in her various apostolic activities, including a catechetical group in New York City and a Montessori School in Great Falls (a school that changed my daughters’ lives, not to mention my life and my wife’s). Her daughter Vickie let it be known that her mother’s deathbed was an open house. Those were the words she spoke: an open house. Knock on the door and come in. So, we did. My wife and I sat with Mickie at her bedside. We spoke to her, though she did not respond. We held her hand and said the Rosary. 


The Beauty of a Holy Death – Crisis Magazine

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