Marriage Is Not a Game to Be “Won”

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Recently, many well-known authors and speakers have been trying to address the lack of meaning in the lives of many young people by returning the focus to something traditionally important: marriage.  But, in a self-same sense; these speakers have been addressing the “marriage game” and how young people ought to compete with each other in order to find a potential spouse. 

In this view, dating is like a sports arena.  The better players end up getting the ‘best’ spouses and end up having healthy relationships that are for the most part, stable.  Obviously, not everyone is at the top of the totem pole – and so there’s a descending hierarchy of ordered relationships to chaotic and fragmented ones. 

“Winning the game” ends in marriage – but it’s not over; in the ad-libbed words of Jordan Peterson – Marriage is a game where the fundamental rule is that you don’t get to leave.  The entire endeavor is therefore contingent on this one rule – the key point Peterson makes in his writings (specifically Beyond Order) is that adopting responsibility together makes life bearable and therefore has the potential of encouraging each other towards healthy growth and meaningful lives together. 


Marriage Is Not a Game to Be “Won”

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