Ordinary people can wear the “far right” label with pride – Gript

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What does it mean to be “far right?”

Ordinary people can wear the “far right” label with pride – Gript

We know, beyond any doubt, what the media, and most politicians, would like for it to mean to be “far right”. In the way in which the phrase is commonly used, it is the highest form of social sanction that the Irish establishment can apply – it means the lowest of the low. People beyond the pale of social acceptability.

You will not, as an out and proud far righter (if such a thing exists) be permitted access to the national conversation. Those who have been identified as “far right activists” will never get a slot on drive time radio or prime time television to actually explain what their views are. Granting such a person that privilege would risk career suicide, because of the media taboo against “platforming” the far right. You certainly will not be granted meetings with politicians to outline your concerns. Once the label is applied to you, in Ireland, you automatically become an unperson – a person whose views cannot be taken seriously or credibly and must actually be dismissed on a point of principle.

The “far right” are of course guilty of almost every political crime imaginable. They are – in the popular imagination of the media – the big bad opponents of efforts to fix the changing climate. They are the enemies of social cohesion. They are racist. They are anti gay, and anti transgender. Indeed, if you want your cause to be given the kid glove treatment by the Irish Times, it’s very useful for you to declare that you are opposed by “the far right”. Things opposed by “the far right” automatically become virtuous.

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