Chinese rights defender ‘brutally tortured’ in prison – UCA News

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Lin Mingjie has been in prison since 2016 after he sued local officials for abusing the law for personal gain.

Chinese rights defender ‘brutally tortured’ in prison

Chinese human rights activist Lin Mingjie is seen in prison. (Photo: Right Protection Network via RFA)

By UCA News reporter

Published: January 11, 2023 11:18 AM GMT

Chinese human rights activist Lin Mingjie, who is serving a five-year jail term reportedly on fabricated charges, has been subjected to brutal torture in prison, his family members alleged.

Lin Mingjie is jailed in Shenyang, the capital city of northeastern Liaoning province.

Lin Mingjie was subjected to torture such as electric shocks and ill-treatment such as the supply of substandard food, resulting in the deterioration of his health, the Mandarin Service of Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on Jan. 10. 

His elder brother, Lin Minghua, said that he received information about him from fellow inmates and reported that in October 2021, Lin Mingjie was tortured with electric shocks twice in Shenyang Prison No. 2.

“The first shock stunned his back. In the second shock, two inmates held him down, inserted an electric baton into his mouth, and stunned him. After the electric shock, he was taken to the “Strict Control Team,” RFA quoted Minghua as saying.

“He is not even allowed to buy a sausage”

The “Strict Control Team” forces prisoners to sit cross-legged for about 16 hours a day. The team is usually composed of prison inmates who guard inmates facing punishment and their sentence is reduced if they carry out their duties as per rules.

Lin Minghua also alleged that prison authorities have been providing inadequate and substandard food to his brother, which is taking a toll on his health.


Chinese rights defender ‘brutally tortured’ in prison – UCA News

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