Disney and the widespread spiritual assault on our children – Catholic Herald

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(Photo credit: Getty Images. People from the Walt Disney Company participate in an LA Pride Parade in West Hollywood, California)

My friend’s son has a peanut allergy.  She doesn’t want him to die so she keeps a peanut free home and carries with her, at all times, an EpiPen in order to administer lifesaving treatment should he require it.   There is nothing surprising about any of this.  Indeed, it would be surprising if I reported that my friend, whose son had such an allergy, regularly filled the house with peanuts and had no way of rescuing him in the event of an attack. 

Eyebrows, however, are raised when Catholic parents go to lengths to prevent spiritual harm to their children, yet why should they be? We are one being, body and soul. There’s no point saving a kid from peanuts only to deliver him to hell, out of a nut-free frying pan and into the fire. 

Our children today face an onslaught of spiritual propaganda against which we must protect them, but we can’t protect them if we don’t know what’s going on. 

A number of parents contacted me following the Christmas period to express concern over things their children had seen or read during the holidays. “But it was a U,” said one about a film. “I couldn’t believe it was from the children’s section,” said another about a book given to her child.  

Parents too busy to monitor every aspect of their children’s lives rely on the good judgement of those tasked with deciding what is appropriate, be it teachers, librarians or film makers. What parents don’t realise, however, is that the vast majority are (or have been captured by) campaigning zealots seeking to normalise the abnormal, promote the demonic and groom our kids. We’re consuming bread made for everyone produced by a minority of people with gluten intolerance and then wondering why it doesn’t taste right. The hope is that after a while we won’t notice anymore.

Disney, a brand synonymous with children’s entertainment, which has just won nine Golden Globe Awards (more than any other film company this year), has made no secret of the fact that it is prepared to lose money (and indeed has done so with recent flops Lightyear and Strangeworld) as long as it can convince and convert.  Down with traditional family values, down with the patriarchy, down with gender norms, says Disney. Yes, proselytising is alive and well in the secular world where everything is tolerated and there is no objective truth.


Disney and the widespread spiritual assault on our children – Catholic Herald

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