Erasing Poor White Children From the Past and Present – Crisis Magazine

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As the academic and cultural elites would tell it, history is a tale of oppression, and the Haves and Have-Nots are readily discernible, for they can be recognized on racial grounds. But what about the white poor?

Anew audiobook is being feverishly promoted by Amazon’s bottomless wallet, a familiar classic with an unexpected twist. It’s the iconic Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, yet the artwork and accompanying promotional materials reveal that this young Oliver is black.

It’s the latest instance of a seemingly insatiable desire to replace white characters from classic tales with black figures. Even Anne Boleyn (of King Henry VIII fame) was not immune to diversification. In any event, something seems different about this attempt in particular. It’s not merely a snippet of culture that is being stolen and trampled for political reasons, when the reverse would never be permitted.

Oliver Twist was a fictionalized account of a true story—that of poor white kids, struggling to survive, with few real opportunities to better their condition. It presents a truth that some seek to bury. Modern academia, with the help of popular media, paints a picture in which poor white people did not and do not exist.


Erasing Poor White Children From the Past and Present – Crisis Magazine

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