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Fr. Looney has suffered from an elevated heart rate since the day he took the COVID-19 shot.

A 33-year-old priest who was recently hospitalized with heart problems shared that his cardiac issues began the day he got jabbed.

Fr. Edward Looney recently posted a 25-minute video titled “My Heart Issues Began When I Got Vaccinated,” where he detailed his nearly two-year long battle with heart issues since he first took the COVID jabs. He said he was vaccinated twice but has not taken any boosters.

Fr. Looney said that he felt pressured to get jabbed in February 2021 because hospitals and nursing homes told priests they could not visit if they were not “fully vaccinated.”

“Actually that very first shot … I get home and I realized that my heart rate was higher than it normally was,” Looney shared.

He said after the second jab, his “heart rate was even higher” than the first shot. He said his heart rate went up to 180 beats per minute (bpm) at one time after getting jabbed. The local emergency room dismissed his concerns and told him to just have someone “observe” him and not come in for care. He said his heart rate has remained elevated above 100 (bpm) ever since the second jab.

A normal bpm is between 60 to 100 bpm, according to the Mayo Clinic. He said doctors in December 2021 said there was nothing to be done to lower his heart rate. “There was no attempt to try to lower my heart rate,” Looney said. Subsequent medical professionals would tell him they had no idea why he had heart problems.

The heart problems have left him “tired” and need of regular maps. “Just walking at 3.5 miles per hour, my heart rate would get up to 150 beats per minute,” the priest said.

My Heart Issues Began When I Got Vaccinated

He said that a recent doctor told him that the problems that followed the jab would seem to point to a causal relationship. Fr. Looney shared that he knows another person who has developed heart problems after the jab.

“No 33-year-old should be resting in bed,” with an elevated heart rate problem, Fr. Looney’s doctor told him.


Young priest: ‘My heart issues began when I got vaccinated’ – LifeSite

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