Bang or rumour? Motu proprio: summorum pontificum

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The Roman jungle telegraph, to which we are connected via several stations, does not always work reliably – which is why we are usually a bit reluctant to publicly display the messages received from it. Not everything is worth sharing: The fact that Arthur Roche, the head of the authority responsible for liturgy, reacted to the news of Benedict’s death with the words: “Now we can finally sign the document!” seemed to us at best to be of anecdotal interest.

News is now reaching us about the form and content of this document – and it sets off all the alarm bells. Then it is about a new Apostolic Constitution, with which Francis, who is extremely dissatisfied with the slow implementation of Traditionis Custodes, now finally wants to put an end to the old Mass. Francis chose the form of an apostolic constitution in order to align himself with the corresponding constitution Missale Romanum of  Paul VI. and to emphasize the parity of its current regulations with the 1969 Act.

According to our information, the expected constitution contains 4 main decrees:

  • In no (diocesan?) church may only the old mass be celebrated.
  • In (diocesan?) churches it is not allowed to celebrate every Sunday in the old rite.
  • The use of the 1962 books (with the modifications ordered by Francis) is permitted only for the celebration of Mass, not for the administration of sacraments and sacramentals.
  • Every priest is obliged to (publicly?) According to the Missal of Paul VI. to celebrate.

As far as the status of our information on January 13th. We’ll keep an eye on things and an ear to the telegraph.

Bang or rumour?

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