‘Life-saving progress’: Abortions flatline in Texas post-Dobbs | U.S. News

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The number of abortions in Texas has flatlined following the United States Supreme Court decision last June to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

New data released by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHS) show three abortion procedures were performed in the state in August 2022, compared with 2,596 in June — a drop of more than 99%.

The report also indicated all three procedures were “medically necessary” abortions. No elective abortions were performed in the month of August.

In July, just days after the Supreme Court issued its decision on June 24 in the case of Thomas Dobbs, et. al. v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, 68 abortion procedures were performed, substantially more than in August but still sharply down from the nearly 2,600 in June.

Compared with the same period last year, just over 5,700 abortion procedures were performed in Texas. 

Under current Texas law, abortion is legal only in the event of the mother facing a life-threatening condition linked directly to the pregnancy.

Pro-life advocacy group Texas Right to Life said while the state’s data does not reflect illegal and/or unreported abortions, they estimated as many as 50,000 lives have been saved since September 2022.

HHS has not released data for September through December.

The group tweeted: “We still have work to do to stop illegal abortions, especially pills trafficked over the border and online, but this shows life-saving progress.”


‘Life-saving progress’: Abortions flatline in Texas post-Dobbs | U.S. News

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